Raleigh NC controller services

Raleigh NC Controller Services – K-38 Consulting launches controller services to Middle Market

Raleigh NC Controller Services

K-38 Consulting, LLC of Raleigh, North Carolina is proud to announce they now offer Raleigh NC controller services to growing small businesses, the middle market and public companies.  In addition to offering Raleigh NC controller services, the group also offers outsourced CFO services, internal control assessments, profitability analysis and business process improvement services.

K-38 Consulting was founded with the intentions of bringing the experience and expertise of Big 4 Firm CPA’s to fast growing small business and lower middle market clients.  Industries served include manufacturing, biotechnology & life sciences, pharmaceutical, technology, consumer products and a wide array of other industries. 

Mr. Alford spent the better part of his career working with a few of the Big 4 accounting firms as an external auditor serving clients that ranged in the start-up phase to clients with several billion dollars in revenue.  His experience spans such industries as manufacturing, biotechnology & life sciences, technology, consumer goods, industrial products, governmental, non-profit and higher education. 

When K-38 Consulting was formed, the idea behind our firm was that we were going to serve start-up’s, fast growing small businesses and the lower middle market and be the premier provider of Raleigh NC controller services to this market, stated Mr. Alford.  Alford continued by saying “This market is often overlooked by service providers and we saw a niche that needed to be filled.  

A lot of companies in this niche are fast growing companies with truly amazing ideas and/or products that often lack the financial support they need to take their company to the next level.  In today’s marketplace, you must be able to make sound financial decisions on the fly.  Most of the time companies in this position don’t necessarily have the capital to bring on a full time Controller.  Our Raleigh NC controller services are a perfect fit for this scenario.”

Dallas Alford was asked what makes his firm different than others that are currently serving this market.  Alford responded by saying, “All of our consultants typically have a Big 4 background with in-depth industry experience and a level of expertise that most service providers aren’t bringing to this market.  The ability for our clients to have access to consultants that have years of expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time Controller or CFO is huge.”

When Alford was asked if his firm served clients in any other capacity, he responded “While our focus is on clients in the lower middle market, we have provided fractional controller services for large publicly traded companies.  Often, we are engaged on an interim basis to act as a business unit controller, plant controller or to just help oversee the closing of the general ledger at period-end.  We can cater our Raleigh NC controller services to clients needs to help businesses of various sizes in all industries.”

Alford went out to describe what his ideal client consists of.  “An ideal client to us is any company where we can go in and immediately add value to our client’s bottom line.  Sometimes this means helping a client that needs CFO level insight, other times it may mean working with a fast-growing start-up who’s accounting department is in shambles and they just need a competent person to help them close the books every month.”

Dallas Alford concluded by saying “Regardless of the client type we are servicing; our goal is to provide our clients with the best of personal client service and results that they can immediately see impact their bottom line.  Our mission is to be the premier provider of Raleigh NC controller services.”

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