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Business Process Improvement Services

The key to overall business enhancement and growth is process improvement. Every business can benefit from improving their processes to reduce waste, identify cost-saving alternatives, speed up process lead time, or standardize commonly repeated activities. Although many businesses know that they need business process improvement services for valuable time and money savings, many are unsure of how to get there or where to start.

We help organizations examine their productivity within their accounting and finance functions and determine the company’s critical processes. Our goal is to streamline these processes to dramatically improve the timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting, and to decrease operational costs and help our clients become lean organizations.

Companies engage K-38 Consulting for business process improvement services within their accounting and finance departments to save them time and money by improving areas within the business that may not be functioning efficiently. Our business process improvement consulting services provides an outside, objective perspective on your current accounting processes which allows us to identify areas of pain and the underlying issue of what may be hindering your businesses cash flow and profitability.

Our Approach to Business Process Improvement

One of the first steps in our approach as business process improvement consultants is getting to know your business, your people and your processes. This is largely conducted through interviewing key stakeholders of your company at every level.

business process improvement

These interviews provide us insight into identifying the challenges your company faces (pain points) that are affecting the efficiency of your business processes. We will conduct a root cause analysis to identify your company’s areas of performance management weaknesses, process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and any form of waste. We identify the issues and prioritize them, ranking them from most severe to least. We then identify solutions for each of the issues identified and provide recommendations based on immediate ROI, ease of implementation, and overall cost effectiveness.

As your business process improvement consulting expert, we determine the best ways that your accounting function within your organization can justify changes that result in an immediate return on your investment and time and a more cost effective and efficient practice, while ensuring that you remain as lean as possible. After we identify all procedural costs using process mapping and interviews, we will identify where costs can be streamlined, inefficiencies reduced, and unnecessary costs eliminated with a focus on improving business processes for increased operational efficiency and accuracy of financial reporting.

Raleigh, NC business process improvement services

The bottom line is that our services provides insight on areas within your accounting department that need improvement, identifies where the pain points are stemming from, and eliminates non-value-added processes in order to make your business more efficient & profitable and improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial reporting.

Raleigh, NC business process improment service will lead to increased competencies within your organizations accounting department, lead to gains in production capacities, and provide a boost in overall organizational health. Our considerable experience in business process  management services has made us process improvement experts, and the results we’ve delivered have earned us our stellar reputation in the business process enhancement consulting industry.

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K38 Consulting assisted our company with implementing Sarbanes-Oxley. They were very knowledgeable of the COSO framework, worked with our team well and communicated with the external auditors on an on-going basis.
J. Moses

J. Moses

Chief Financial Officer
K38 Consulting assisted our company with a business process improvement engagement when we transitioned our accounting from our Canada subsidiary to headquarters in Raleigh, NC. The engagement went smooth and K38 Consulting was a pleasure to work with.
Brad Beck

Brad Beck

K38 Consulting assisted our company with preparing for an upcoming audit after we were acquired by a PE group. They helped us implement new accounting guidance and even went on to assist us with business process improvement and financial modeling.

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