K-38 Consulting To Provide CFO Services To Sharpline Equity Real Estate Investments

K-38 Consulting is honored to be providing CFO services to Sharpline Equity Real Estate Investments, a multifamily investment firm that is managed by principals Chris Jackson and Krista Testani, who have over 15 years of real estate investing experience and have raised over $15M in private equity to fund deals.  A gap exists between investors and community because there is a common misconception that investor interests and community needs are misaligned.  Sharpline believes differently.   Through integrity and transparency, Sharpline focuses on strategies that connects the investor to the community.

K-38 Consulting looks forward to providing them with CFO level support to help their firm grow and continue with the acquisitions of multifamily units.  You can learn more about Sharpline Equity at www.sharplineequity.com.


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