Why Join Our Team

K-38 Consulting works with organizations of all sizes across a wide array of industries. Often, we provide the financial expertise and skill set to help such companies achieve the next level of success. To be a part of this success is truly rewarding. In addition to offering a career where you can truly make a difference, K-38 Consulting offers those with an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to have flexibility in your daily work along with compensation that more than aligns with your skill set.

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What It Takes to Join Our Team

K-38 Consulting is committed to providing our clients with the most talented consultants. Do you have what it takes to meet the challenges of our clients and can you advance the K-38 Consulting brand through excellence in client service?

Required Qualifications

K-38 Consulting provides fractional CFO and Controller services to clients of all sizes across varying industries.  Below are the required skills/experience we require if you want to join our team as a CFO and/or Controller.  If you meet these qualifications, contact us, and send a copy of your resume for review.  If we think you are a good fit, we will contact you to discuss further.

Interim/Fractional CFO

We work with companies of all sizes across varying industries and provide them with the CFO support to facilitate the growth of their company and help them achieve company-wide goals. A CFO needs to be a strong leader that will oversee the finance and accounting processes and be a valued advisor to the CEO by helping to drive operations. Our CFO’s are expected to seamlessly integrate themselves into our client’s day-to-day operations and immediately identify and fill any void our clients may be experiencing.  Required skill sets may include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Developing the annual budget, cash management, cash flow forecasting and creating and maintaining appropriate financial modeling.
  • Using financial models and forecasting to drive the decision-making process and overall operations
  • Maintain banking and financing relationships in addition to key relationships with vendors, customers and other key third parties.
  • Help the CEO and other key personnel develop an overall business plan, goals, objectives, and key metrics that will be used to measure the company’s results to determine if objectives are being met.
  • Provide profitability analysis to aid in ensuring that clients are pricing goods and/or services appropriately.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are applicable to clients and their specific industry to aid in monitoring the company’s overall financial health.
  • Expertise in preparing funding packages and obtaining/closing alternative forms of funding as deemed necessary.
  • Knowledge and experience with various organizations of all sizes across a wide array of industries is a must.

Interim/Fractional Controller

A part-time or fractional Controller typically reports directly to the CEO/CFO of our clients and oversees the accounting function and protects the assets of the company. Duties typically include, but are not limited to:
  • Offer a broad range of accounting knowledge and expertise.
  • Oversee all accounting processes and ensure a timely and accurate month-end close.
  • Experience across a wide array of accounting systems including systems implementation.
  • Design and implement appropriate accounting processes to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting.
  • Design appropriate internal controls to ensure company assets are safe guarded.
  • Preparation of financial reports for internal reporting to the company’s CEO/CFO.
  • Work with the company’s CEO/CFO to drive operations and help achieve company goals.
  • Work with the company CFO to provide accurate financial information to be used for financial forecasting.
  • Prepare any necessary information for the company because of an external financial audit.
  • Aid the outside CPA firm in timely and accurately filing any necessary Federal, state, and local tax returns.
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